Off Topic Rant: Using Google / Android Calendar


This is more of a rant than an actual post relating to investing – a week or so ago in my update, I mentioned buying tesla puts for insurance against their upcoming earnings release. Well next week came and I was surprised to find out that the earnings release was actually scheduled for Aug. 7 vs. the July 22 that was showing up on my Google calendar widget.

Google finance lets you create a portfolio of companies and then integrate company events with your calendar – which is great for knowing when company earnings come out. Not so great if the date turns out to be incorrect and you make trade decisions based on it.

I went back and it looks like the calendar or widget are flawed. In the above picture, it looks like there are four company reporting earnings on July 29 but in actual fact, here are the real dates:

Company Actual Earnings Date
AGNC July 30
AMT July 31
AIG August 1
IPGP July 30

I thought maybe I’m misreading the widget and it just summarises the week, but in the case of Tesla, it was literally two weeks off. Had I known, I would have waited to purchase my put options closer to the earnings date. The stock has unfortunately gone up (fortunately for my shares, unfortunately for the option), losing already 2/3 it’s value. Had I waited until this week, I’d have gotten a higher strike price for the same investment. Of course, the stock could have gone down and my silly mistake would have benefited me.

In any case, at least I’m able to cover the earnings date – but definitely a lesson in actually confirming the earnings date rather than relying on my phone.  If anything, at least the conference call dates appear to be correct.  Chalk this one up to being a little too eager.



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