Third time’s a charm (maybe?)


I’m an avid investor – I love learning about investment strategies, trying them out in my own portfolio, and sharing knowledge and experiences with others.

This is my third attempt at creating an investment blog which is probably an indication of my commitment to this cause, or just plain laziness. Why will this time be different? My previous blogs were trying to help readers learn the basics of investment – of which I grew tired (or lazy) of writing about and there are already many great sources on the internet for that do this already (Shameless plug for a friend’s new blog about gaining financial independence – Financially Yours).

I’m writing this blog to share my experiences, conflicts and mixed emotions that I face every day (or trade) as an investor. Lately, there’s been lots of news related to my portfolio which has peaked my desire to write about it. I’m hoping that by using this blog, I’ll capture my thought process – so I can look back and learn from my past experiences, and also learn from any insights provided by readers. I aim to post about how news I heard affected my portfolio, what trades I might make or am making, interesting strategies I come across, and whatever else peaked my interest.

So, whom am I? I’m a 35 year old technology consultant in Canada who has been investing for the past 15+ years – please see disclaimers in the “About Me” section. I “manage” investment portfolios for 3 people – of whose risk tolerance comes into play:

Who: Me, Myself, and I
Age: 34
Risk Tolerance: High
Strategy: Believe in investing in new viable technology (I’m a techie!) along with old school thinking that buying stock is like being a part-owner in the company.I’ll invest primarily in stocks directly, but will use options for leverage and income generation in certain circumstances
Who: Wifey
Age: 32
Risk Tolerance: Low to Medium
Strategy: Safe and secure – I’ve been told not to lose money.Majority of holdings are in stocks of undervalued, blue-chip, dividend/income producers. A small percentage will be allocated to more riskier companies to provide some growth potential.
Who: Mother-In-Law
Age: 65
Risk Tolerance: Low
Strategy: Safe and secure – again, I’ve been told not to lose money.
Majority of investments provide an income / dividend. This is a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA – more on that later) so I have a bit more opportunity to invest in some more “exciting” securities than fixed income (GICs/bonds/etc.).

And, to start things off and provide some background, here’s what we currently hold

Symbol Company Me Wife Mom
AFSI Amtrust Finacial Services
AGNC American Capital Agency Corp.
AIG American International Group
BAC Bank of America
BKE The Buckle Inc.
BWP Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
DDD 3D Systems Corporation
FB Facebook Inc.
HOV Hovanian Enterprises
IPGP IPG Photonics Corporation
JMBA Jamba Inc.
JPM-J J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Preferred Shares Series J
LUK Leucadia National Corp.
MAKO MAKO Surgical Corp.
MFC Manulife Financial Corp.
PACR Pacer International
RY Royal Bank of Canada
PANL Universal Display Corp.
TSLA Tesla Motors Inc.
TRP TransCanada Corporation
VTI Vanguard Total Stock Index
YHOO Yahoo!
XFN iShares S&P TSX Capped Financials Index
XIN Xinyuan Real Estate

Here’s to hoping the third time’s a charm – and I actually keep this updated.  Apologize in advance for what will probably be a transition phase of trying different templates to see what works best.


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